Activist Chris Haskell Needs Our Help

Chris Haskell

Freedom Warrior Chris Haskell is Tucson’s Independent Media Outlet that covers the news which our Mainstream Media Fake News Channels don’t mention!

Chris Haskell has been charged with TERRORIST CHARGES equal to MURDER because he puts up thousands of signs across Tucson! Chris needs your help! Chris has been an activist since the Oklahoma Bombing and a more public Activist since 2007.

Chris has never monetized his haskellfilmz YouTube channel to get paid by YouTube and he paid out-of-pocket to buy all the supplies needed to make the thousands of signs he has posted all across Tucson and surrounding cities to inform the public about the crimes being committed against them.

Please help us fight back as we need to pay for a lawyer!

Here is a link to how you can help support Chris Haskell because he needs our help!

Videos by Jamie Lee on APlaneTruth

To Alert. To Awaken. To Educate. To Activate for Needed Change.

Categories: Activism, Geoengineering and Chemtrails, Support and Assistance

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