Activist Billy Hayes Needs Our Help

Billy Hayes

Facebook and radio audiences have sought Billy Hayes’ expertise for years without fully realizing the price he has paid for his extraordinary expertise. Known as “The HAARP Man,” Billy was a tower erector, shadowed his entire life by U.S. government agencies and the defense contractors that work for them. He was a contractor under HAARP engineer Bernard Eastlund and is also an MK-ULTRA survivor.

The PTB do not like Whistle Blowers, and Billy has become a Targeted Individual. Bad things happen when he speaks out. Usually, this comes in the form of frequency manipulation that results in Billy having seizures.

Billy has lost his health care insurance and 2/3 of his disability. He currently does not have the resources to buy food or medicine. Billy says, “This is what happens to Whistle Blowers telling the truth.”

Grateful members of the anti-geoengineering community have come together to help Billy. Without Whistle Blowers like Billy Hayes, the truth would never come out.

Please join with us in showing him our appreciation for the unimaginable sacrifices he has made for our Planet and its inhabitants.

Help Billy Today!

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